Breakout sessions will run simultaneously, you’ll get to choose which session you want to attend during that hour block.  


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Gregg Hill

Step One Health and MyMedLab
Physician Assistant
Orange County, CA
I'm a national board certified Physician Assistant and my background is represented by more than 25 years of professional experience in business analytics and patient-centered clinical practice. Besides my clinical and medical experience and education, I have broad experience in business, analytics and client facing consulting management with several multinational high-tech and consulting firms. I'm deeply passionate about technology and it's role in the future of our country's healthcare. Not necessarily the culmination of the best R&D shops in the world (though that's additionally as exhilarating) but the use of information to ultimately connect consumers (the owners of health) with their healthcare partners and their social groups. After playing a key role in the development of Facebook's onsite health center, I have had a great opportunity to see the effect of social media and its effect on new generation healthcare. I live in Orange County California with my wife Kelli and my 4 boys - close to awesome surf breaks and my properties in Baja, MX.