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Danica Jones

Quantus Creative
Social Media Director, Girl Friday
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Danica Jones lives and works in Tulsa, serving as the Social Media Director for local tech startup Quantus Creative. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Danica received a BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 2007, where she focused on new media, studio art and art education. Taking her love of sharing art into the classroom in 2005, Danica served as a Site Coordinator and Lead Instructor for Otis' non-profit new media program for high school students, Otis Teens, Artists, Educators and Mentors (O TEAM). Her classes included Art in the Digital Age, Digital Filmmaking and other new media classes in which social media played a prominent role for both student and teacher. She served as a consultant for the Los Angeles Unified School District's Media Arts department as a new media expert while the district was developing their New Media classroom standards, and offered other instructors guidance and instruction on how to use social media and technology within the classroom. Her current role as Social Media Director has since continued to expand on her decade-plus relationship with social media, allowing Danica to create online social presences for local businesses seeking to connect with customers on a more personal and meaningful level.